Spring Festival travel abroad swipe Raiders: try to walk CUP channel



Clever selection of consumer currency Province fee Travel abroad, the credit card must not be less. Credit card currently in the country have long been popular, but there are many blind friends or credit card, but if you want to travel abroad, the credit card on the essential. Internet age, many things can get online, such as air ticket booking, hotel. And many overseas websites only accept credit card payment scheduled, so if you have not a credit card, there may be a lot of inconvenience out abroad. With credit cards, also pay attention to cleverly use to avoid being charged a fee inexplicable. First foreign currency in the money when the card is quite particular about the choice. In general, the use of U.S. dollar-denominated area, you can directly choose dollar spending. In some non-dollar settlement currency area, there are some tips when credit card: the present in many countries and regions, although a local official currency is not U.S. dollars, but its settlement can either choose to use the U.S. dollar can also use the local currency , such as in Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian region when booking the hotel, you can use the dollar can also use the local currency. In the face of this case, it is recommended to choose U.S. dollars. Because currency conversion, other currencies will be converted into U.S. dollars or RMB. If the channels through non-UnionPay credit card, other currencies will be converted into U.S. dollars and then converted into yuan, during which experienced two currency conversions, conversion will be converted twice charge a certain percentage of the exchange fee. And if direct selection dollar, just after a conversion, only charge a conversion fee.
In addition, when using credit cards abroad, be sure to protect your cards with the signature in the foreign general to consumer spending, without a password, so if the card is lost, be sure to contact the bank immediately report the loss. Chinese New Year in the overseas need to bear in mind their swipe credit cards repayment date, in general, each cardholder will be fixed billing date, billing date of the first 25 days of due date. Banks in monthly bill within a certain time after sending the bill to the cardholder. Just by the due date shown on the bill by the total arrears of payment, you can enjoy interest-free.
However, if there are credit card interest or fees within the previous generation, in the bill that day settlement, credit card debt amount is greater than the total credit line of credit by banks, the banks will no longer be given interest-free "preferential treatment", it is recommended that cardholders people two days before the bill through online banking, telephone banking credit card account the situation and then decide after spending plan, especially where there is too large consumer, or temporarily adjusted quota month; especially in the case of excess, the excess part of the arrears will be immediately credited to the Card, the billing date to avoid overrun.

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