Reporter field experience easy operation to force gifts



Q card wave struck, but exactly how to use the experience, the reporter also intends to personally experience one. Reporters yesterday morning went to the East Third Ring Road Jian Wai SOHO Trade building, in the elevator to see a new generation of Focus LCD screen on the basis of the original big screen, added three small interactive screens, which play the main content of each promotional advertising products, in just a few minutes time, the reporter observed that mask free experience beauty equipment, Grass set 50 yuan combination trial installation and excellent public network to buy 1,000 yuan to send 200 yuan coupons, group 800 pack Mail 9.9 yuan spike 50 yuan gifts and a car rental Hi 100 yuan coupons and other information.
Reporters tried to lower left corner of the screen with your finger pressed the button to take the card, and she has a Q card from the side of the machine spit out. However, when reporters followed the Q card into the small screen for a moment to prepare under the brush to apply a gift, but did not receive any response. After some research, the reporter saw the back of the card Q tips, first use the original Q card needs to be activated. Reporter instructions on the card, card number in SMS format to 106,909,999, less than 10 seconds to receive a prompt Q card activation successful message. After the reporter then apply for a credit card with the Q card United States that mask free trial outfit soon receive mobile phone text messages again, showing the application is successful. It seems the whole process is fairly easy, but in the Q card activation test of this step on some consumer intelligence and careful.
Focus Media Ji Hai-rong, vice president on the microblogging Secret, the key is to activate the Q card, that is, the Q card number through their mobile phones to send to 106909999, this 20 seconds of action aimed at achieving Q card number and phone number of the binding. Because Q card is embedded RFID chip card, when you use Q Card to close below the lighted screen interactive RFID sensing port, Focus backend system will know your Q card number, so they know your phone number, and the on the screen when broadcast on gifts or special offers sent directly to your phone.

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