Everyone loves "United"



European fashion people are not always hard to hate "United" in it? Americans are obese body, face giggle, self-righteous political correctness, are advocating listless bad despised by Europeans. However, the wind really changed. Incredible to think that Givenchy's Ricardo Tisci as a die-hard Gothic elements, in the men's T-shirt, has never stopped using the Stars and Stripes elements: the last quarter Guo Degang and Eddie are worn T-shirts, studded with stars, there is a sleeveless T-shirt parody of the famous Jasper Johns paintings Pop Stars and Stripes; season Givenchy launched Dangxiong black horizontal stripe pattern shirt, the Christmas Special Edition Series T-shirt, or even a simply put the Stars and Stripes and the Eagles together the pattern. The older designer Hedi Slimane simply put home a few years ago moved to Los Angeles. Launched in early 2010 by his planned DVD Set "American Youth" has even more "American" in a very important position. Have to admit, "United" is increasingly becoming the new trendy fashion symbol!
Men's sector has gone through so many years of "bad guys" domination after probably make way for the "good boy" was. Although Ricardo Tisci and Hedi Slimane is still refining American symbols in the rebel elements, but it is undeniable that more and more people began to "bad guys" tired. IFC's Lane Crawford in Hong Kong to see Ralph Lauren's Double RL area, it is easy to be kind of rough style fascinated by the American West. It makes those around too delicate, small, ambiguous men did not seem very expressive. Double RL is Ralph Lauren's Vintage line, those leather, jeans, flannel shirt, are solidly Ralph Lauren for people to feel the pure love of American style. Even on Mulberry Street in New York, Double RL boutique where the clothes will be put together and sell real vintage. The first few years of men's environment does seem Ralph Lauren's insistence seemed like a joke, although Double RL clothing really high quality. But a lot of things that again and again to stick to it, you will see a sudden blast wave that day. Ralph Lauren best, of course, the so-called "preppy" style. Preppy is a very American word originally means "pre-university students." The boys family was excellent, good tutor, know how to self-restraint, the eyes of parents and teachers are the "good guys." Their life in the first suit from Brooks Brothers, closet neatly placed one pile another pile of Polo shirts. This meticulous style, who really is the most "lazy" men. However, once when people are tired of the "bad boy" image after, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and even the French descent Lacoste, looks like it is full of vitality, even the future is OK again. Of course, this change is not her unchangeable. Double RL high-quality, Lacoste's forge younger, Brooks Brothers and Thom Browne cooperation, are the kind of "United" style with the new fashion.
Of course, those who truly "bad enough," the American designer has never given up, "" American descent. Thom Browne's main colors each season on the Stars and Stripes are inseparable symbol of courage, truth and justice red and blue. Two years ago, he launched the video "Septemberists" also put the performance of its menswear scene on the characteristics of the American South with cotton factory. Even his helm acclaimed Moncler Gamme Bleu portal, have never given up its iconic red, white and blue. As Junya Watanabe is in men fascinated by the "old American Zhiyi" kind of theme. In his own menswear label, wrote: "Some are true, some are historic, have a traditional profile shape, we maintain the original way is to give a basic sense of style with the new." It can almost be summed now "United" style has become a new fashion tips. Fashion of course come and go, but be sure to grasp the moment "fatigued" that the most vulnerable point, and then mercilessly tearing it, destroy it, to become the new fashion.

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