Tissot Men series between gold models



Since ancient times, Chinese people's love story was written in poetry and circulated among the chant: long long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night. Every beautiful love story, tells of love, loyalty and greatness; Tanabata each year are writing a touching surprises and romance. Swiss brand Tissot, carefully Zhi choose between gold models Locke series of tables, this summer romantic Tanabata, witness the true love between lovers. Precious love of gold turned into gold, flowing in the load pattern between the Galaxy fleeting, from time to blend retro elegance of the city, began in the throughput of a long era romance. In Le Locle in the name of the Galaxy promised oath, spend a lifetime, enduring this situation.     Tissot force Locke family goldsmith money on the table Love dependencies such as gold banks of the Galaxy The best time is the touchstone of love, only experienced a time of testimony and trial, the parties were faithful love. Tissot force Locke family goldsmith money on the table from the time of the city combines classical sensibility to physical Locke oblique letters retro elegance, the throughput of a long era began in romance; glide on silver background touch of gold, down to the table circle, hands, crown, dial and bracelet, between moderate elements of luxury adds unlimited love surprises, Jinfeng Yu Lu this meet, won numerous world; gold, a symbol of love as precious as gold, silver, the embodiment of bearing pattern fleeting Galaxy, Tissot force Locke family goldsmith money on the table, let love shine like gold in the time of the Milky Way, like mood and eventually became good companion dependents. Tissot Men series between gold models Detail depicting the love of timeless sculpture Tissot series deliberately carved details on the table, hoping the details at the ingenuity, depicting timeless love. Male and female models of the dial like a little piece of art galleries, decorative shading guilloche style complex vector pattern with lines dotted dial with embossed version of beauty, so love like trickling series, in the wrist slowly flowing; six physical location of the ramp English name Locke family, skyrocketing on the dial, smooth melody writing in outline quaint charm, but also symbolizes the delicate love; outer dial, unique modern Arabic numerals with bar word mark, it echoes with the pointer, uses gold, symbolizes constancy of love. Tissot Le Locle series between gold models female form Champion's Choice movement served Favorites Tissot Men series between gold models, using won the 2011 International Championship Official Chronometer certified the "core" to the minimum time error, for love escort. Each one movement COSC have to undergo independent certification, with independent chronometer certification. Compared to the general mechanical watches -15 seconds to +30 seconds / day of errors, the series chronograph watch more sophisticated, the error in -4 seconds to +6 seconds / day, so that the wearer more comfortable control of time, reduce mechanical error inconvenience and tuning work. And its independent certification certificate, but also gives the watch more collectible value. In addition, its award-winning background, but also to watch the watch is recommended by experts and collectors, as its quality assurance. The goldsmith models female form is used ETA 2671 movement, were also highly accurate travel time accuracy, precision machines become wrist. In the seconds ticking, the time passes slowly, while love between partners constancy in.

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