Tianba table domestic first brand smart watches T-Watch



Famous watch brand Tempo Table is proud to announce the first domestic brand smart watches T-Watch will be Feb. 28 at Tempo table Lynx flagship store sales starting. This is bound to set off a wave of smart watches fashion, and numerous species of personality manifestation, so watch more express individuality and taste. Love the good life, you can start from the wrist, the taste of the good times, T-Watch believe will bring different feelings. Let us feel the T-Watch to bring a better life to enjoy. I love my brother My footprints rivers and mountains I am proud of work My Only my Eleven performance Cherished feelings of each section, each one cherished people are worried about. Each one climb mountains, dive into the sea every one have missed. Each victory cheers, every drop of tears lost are engraved. Everyone has the purest love heart belongs only to themselves, their own remembrance and Imagination. T-Watch, is such a personality smart watches, comes with 12 kinds of time display mode, the touch of a finger lightly across the table mirror, you can easily switch into your heart that favorite mode. But also with a way to customize the display mode switching, in this mode, you can what you have stored in the pictures set to dial background. Love, parents, children, brothers, friends, classmates ...... everything you worried about the people, there is your time. Always miss, no longer an empty promise. You have traveled scenery, beautiful moments you have experienced, there is your time, each one shown, are different.
My Colors Is the rainbow Proudly performance From Monday to week seven I always shining Even among the influx of people in a bunch Fashion person, not bleak, even in a bright among, but also the most eye-catching. Colorful, young symbols, changeable, young features. Each type of change are thousands of variations, each kind of fashion, are personality show. T-Watch, vibrant, diverse, warm but as eye-catching orange flames, jumping bright red, bright and clear blue, cyan youth seductive, classic atmospheric black. Different colors can be used with different fashion, filling the trend of the situation, let you in the influx of people of the most eye-catching. Youth, want is shining.
No music As the stream does not flow Not roaring sea My World At any time Song of Life Played The world of music, always intoxicated. A melody, is a piece of your story, or think of her distant, or sadness, or thoughts, or happy, or encounter, are life tone. Music, who does not like it? , with MP3, MP4 music audio function, connect headphones, no matter where you are, when, open your wrist music, your music world, Chuishou grasp.
Do not toss Just go run Not tired Just go run I have been running Just to run longer Health, is the source of life Every sweat, every challenge the limits, every jump, every move, give us a healthy life. The continuation of life, is the premise that we create a better life. So that movement, and we accompanied. , comes with German BOSCH 3D acceleration sensor in the wrist, no bondage, record your every movement parameters, always measure your progress and pride. Has been run, so that health often accompanied.
Configuration Models: table-type Chip Type: ARM7 104MHz CPU Touch screen: capacitive Bluetooth: Built-in Bluetooth antenna, Bluetooth2.1 + A2DP T-Flash: Support 4GB (built-in) Motion sensors: Germany BOSCH 3D acceleration sensor Battery: Lithium-polymer battery, about 230mAh, Standby time about 100 hours, about 10 hours headphones to listen to MP3, Bluetooth listening to MP3 about 3 hours, charging time is approximately one hour. Waterproof function: Silicone Waterproof Case closed when the is able to achieve normal everyday life waterproofing (waterproof silicone sleeve open type USB interface is not wading) Brand Story Tianba table, was born in 1982 in Shenzhen, China, is China's first quartz watch brand, has set off a craze in the country, ahead of the domestic watch sales for many years. From China's first quartz watch one, the first one to China smart watches "T-Watch", Tempo tables are pursued by the brand has always insisted on "Dare" spirit of innovation. Taste times, Tianba tables.

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